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What are Micro Weddings?

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

In a time when we are all having to socialize in smaller groups, "Micro Weddings" are becoming increasingly popular. A micro wedding is all about a fabulous experience for you and your guests of 50 or less! It’s a chance to focus on the finer details that sometimes would be difficult or too expensive to create for a larger guest list. Less is definitely more – your luxury dream wedding just became a reality!! It’s your same beautiful wedding vision just with a smaller guest list. Imagine renting a beautiful chateau for the weekend in the French countryside, booking an exotic beach resort, or even securing your favorite local hotel with a fancy ballroom for the wedding ceremony and reception and a great restaurant and lounge on site for you and your guests to enjoy while staying for a wedding weekend to remember…It’s still a day full of love with all the emotions, just on a more intimate scale making your wedding even more personal to you and everyone who attends. You will have more time to socialize with all your guests who travel to be with you.

You can focus more on quality! Hire a band to play your wedding music complete with instramental ceremony music, elegant dinner music, and then dance the night away with popular dance tunes! Your wedding flowers can be more lavish now that you have less tables to decorate and you can enjoy sharing a posh dinner that will wow your friends and family. Consider dining together on one long King's table! Outdoor sunset cocktail hours always make for stunning gatherings (and photos)! And a post wedding brunch is always a great way to complete the wedding weekend as a final thank you and sendoff to your guests who joined you!

You don't have to give up that dream wedding gown either! It's your day to shine and if your dream is an elegant affair that includes a ballgown, wear it! Remember, the joy of a Micro Wedding is every thing you envision on a smaller level.

With a less hectic schedule there’s more time for lots of lovely pictures with each of your guests – this isn't always an easy task with 200 plus guests. Now you can have a large group photo taken of everyone to have framed. This is a memory captured to treasure forever!

Don't let the frustrations of the Covid - 19 restrictions get you down. Take a breath and think about the real reason you are marrying the love of your life and then let's plan a scaled down version of your wedding that you had to maybe postpone or if you are just starting the plans, let's talk Micro! Smaller weddings are certainly not about sacrifice, they’re all about creating wonderful experiences, luxurious details, and lots more champagne…

If you are more a minimalist bride and want a simpler design, this is still a great way to host your smaller wedding. Remember it's all in the details no matter how fancy or simply elegant you want to go. Stay true to your personality as a couple and make your day about you and your guests enjoyment!

You can really spoil yourselves and your guests the way that you want to with a Micro Wedding, so happy planning! We are here to guide you through whatever type of wedding planning you may need. Even planning a smaller wedding can be a task you want to leave to a planner. If you’d like to know more about our planning services please visit our website at feel free to email us at

We look forward to chatting with you at a complimentary consultation via Zoom to determine what type of wedding is best for you!

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