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How to Plan Your Wedding from Home (or Anywhere Else for that Matter)

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Did you just get engaged and are now wondering in this new age of confinement how you will get started with your planning? We are all having to make adjustments in these crazy times...but you don't have to put your wedding planning on hold at all! We can help you plan your entire wedding through things like online video conferencing, texts, emails and phone calls.

What is "Virtual Planning"? Just like it sounds, everything is done through modern technology. It's a new twist on the way we have always done things, just more time and budget friendly! While we have offered traditional planning packages for many years, it makes sense to start doing things virtually in this hectic world. You can literally plan your wedding from your desk, your kitchen table or even while lounging by the pool with a seasoned wedding professional. So, how does it all work? First, we would have either a phone call interview or video consultation. If you decide to work with us, the first step would be an in depth planning conversation about your likes and dislikes, what your wedding vision is, and then break down things like what type of photography do you like? What energy level is important for you to have in a DJ? Would you rather have a band? From there, we would begin to match you to the perfect vendor on our extensive list of trusted professionals if your wedding is happening in DFW. If these vendors are outside our normal planning area, we will do the research and vet vendors anywhere you are wanting to get married...vendors that not only fit your vision, but also your personality and budget. We would arrange video conferences with those vendors so you will feel comfortable with the choices we make for you...and you always have the final say in the vendor you select for your big day. Things that can be covered by phone calls, video conferencing or through online tools are:

  • Design Inspiration

  • Budgeting

  • Personalized wedding checklist

  • Timelines

  • Floor Plan Design Assistance

  • Preparation of wedding weekend itinerary 

  • Hotel Blocks

  • Transportation Assistance

  • Access to an expert for questions, concerns, and support

We have executed many "virtual" plannings in other locations such as France, Boston, Florida and Mexico. We have access to some incredible vendors across the globe. Many venues are also now offering virtual tours of their spaces, making it so much easier to "walk" the space without actually being there.

Virtual Wedding Planning is a lot less time consuming than traditional planning, which means we can offer you are services at a fraction of the cost of our in-person packages. That means that if you don't think you have the money for a planner, virtual planning may be a game changer! We can work with you on just a few vendors through a virtual consultation package all the way through to full planning. If you would like to have us present to coordinate your ceremony and day of the wedding it can be added for a small fee. If your venue already has a Day of Coordinator, then you wouldn't have to add our usual cost for that package, but would still have all the perks of our industry knowledge. All of our packages are completely personalized to your needs. So why would you want us to virtually plan your wedding with you? You're on a tight budget, you're extremely busy and don't have time for in person are in quarantine during a global pandemic...

We don't want you to have to put off your wedding planning in these uncertain times. We want to help you be proactive and give you something positive to be working on while you're staying at home. Although a relatively new service being offered, virtual planning just may be the wave of the future. Are you ready to be a trailblazer? For more information on our virtual planning packages please contact us!

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