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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: What Type of Wedding Photographer Should You Choose?

Every picture does tell a story, doesn't it? What do you want your wedding pictures to say? What do you want them to capture? Do you want your story to evoke the dramatic emotion of the day or reflect the memories naturally? The type of photographer you choose and the style of pictures they take is a very personal choice. Your photographer is just as important as the venue you select or even the dress you wear...they create your memories, and you will be spending a lot of time with this person during your wedding day! What type of photography will you choose to represent this day...THE day? Let's delve into the different techniques of photography to illustrate the styles and feelings each inspire.

Purple Pebble Photography/Cindy Medick Photography/Justin Yoder Studios

Traditional Wedding Photography

This is the timeless style that has been around for decades and is still one of the most popular approaches brides and grooms choose for their wedding today. Traditional (Classic) Wedding Photography doesn't lean too dramatic or too light and airy, and is probably the safest route to go when you are not quite sure what to do in front of the camera, as it involves a lot of posing and instruction. Traditional Wedding Photography comes with a set of guidelines that invoke thoughts of formal wedding pictures with classic style and lighting. These pictures will persevere throughout time. Know that despite the style, most photographers will incorporate a touch of Traditional Photography into the mix, especially with those formal shots of family and wedding party.

Reigh Walker Photography/Michael Bush Photography/Michael Bush Photography

Artistic Wedding Photography

Do you like Dark and Moody? Artistic Wedding Photography uses creative freedom to get that perfect picture. This may involve lighting manipulation, more editing or photoshopping than traditional photography and dramatic posing. These photos are structured and are not usually spontaneous. Artistic Wedding Photography is all about getting that dramatic, perfect picture that indeed tells a story and still captures the moments of the day...with the added bonus of being fine art.

Rebecca Jones Photography/Luisa and Douglas Photography/Tracy Autem Photography

Natural Wedding Photography

With Natural Wedding Photography think lots and lots of natural light! This style of photography feels light, airy and natural. It is both soft and classic, romantic and bright. This style of photography works best with outdoor backdrops or indoors where there is lots of natural light. Make sure when working with a photographer that shoots mostly in this technique that they are very skilled working with shadows and low light situations.

Types of Photographic Shots

Photographers usually lean towards one of the above techniques that best defines their own personal style of art. No matter what the "artistic" method of photography, there are also types of shot style as well.

Justin Yoder Studios/Luisa and Douglas Photography/John Cain Photography

Candid Photography

Candid Photography is just that...candid. Photos are not posed, and individual moments are caught in action. These are the moments that are captured naturally while they happen with no instruction. Though they may be different photography techniques, the thing they have in common is that they are not staged. If you are not a fan of a lot of posing, this is something to specify to your photographer that you would like.

Lindsey Shea Photography/William Bichara Photography/Justin Yoder Photography

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle Photography's intent is to capture moments that look candid but are created through some sort of direction from your photographer without being completely posed. It is a great way of catching those intimate scenes that might still need some manipulation to make them look a little more organized than organic shots.

Reigh Walker Photography/Tracy Autem Photography

Black and White Photography

Black and White Photography is now done through the editing process versus the type of film used and can be utilized to really emphasize those magical and special moments during the day you'd like to highlight.

Lightly Photography/Lindsey Shea Photography/Jeff Brummett Photography

Landscape Photography

Do you have an especially beautiful location or backdrop for your wedding? Take advantage of your setting to get some great shots...whether it be lush fields, a scenic rooftop in the city, or the Texas Hill Country! This is an iconic style of photography that is becoming very popular in wedding photography.

Reigh Walker Photography/Michael Bush Photography/Michael Bush Photography

Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography is more about catching your look than the moment. Bridal Portraits are done in the months leading up to your wedding, and can be shot at whatever location you choose. These can be used on display at your reception or used for gifts. It is also a great time to try out your bridal bouquet in case you need to make any tweaks...too big, too much greenery, too long of stems or not organic enough!

No matter what style of photography or types of shots you would like, Two Girls in Pearls Events has worked with some of the most sought after photographers in Dallas/Fort Worth and all over the country. We will build a personal relationship with you and get to know your unique vision and personality so that we can guide you in the direction of a photographer that will best suit the emotion and moments you wish to preserve from your big day!

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